Guiding positive change in Africa, ethically & sustainably, since 2007.


Join us on our mission to better the world around us. Volunteer programs with positive outcomes for the community and environment of South Africa.

President's Award

We offer an you the opportunity to take part in a 4 night, 5 day Gold residential program in Knysna, South Africa, as well as other PA Award options.

Social Responsibility

Take your business to the level where is it making a positive contribution to the local community and environment.

Our Track Record

EDGE of AFRICA has been providing volunteers with unforgettable and meaningful volunteer programs since 2007. Our award winning organisation has been building trustworthy partnerships with local and international universities, schools, businesses and stakeholders for over 15 years. 

We are a small, hands on team with a unified goal to ensure you are making a positive contribution. Over the past decade we have hosted hundreds of volunteers and implemented countless projects to better the world. We understand that our participants have taken the step to make a difference and it is our job to ensure that it is an ethical and sustainable contribution!

Support Us

You can support us from anywhere in the world. By purchasing any of our products online, you will be directly helping our South African projects. All proceeds from our merch is used to keep our projects running!

Donate Today

Help us provide for local children and their families through our EDGE of AFRICA Recycling Swop Shop. Encourage environmental awareness while meeting the immediate needs of community members with little or no income. 

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