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High School Program in South Africa

High School students 15-19 can join our exciting High School Program in South Africa. We combine volunteering with a fun and interactive ‘Adulting 101’ course specifically designed for students who are leaving home and moving to college or university in the near future.

Our High School Program lasts 2 or 4 weeks and is based in the beautiful and safe town Knysna, South Africa.

This program is designed for young adults to make the most of the time they spend abroad in South Africa, enjoying a variety of fun excursions, giving back to the community and learning some valuable life skills as part of the program.

Students participate our Adulting 101 course which includes topics such as:

  • how to fake your way through making a 3 course dinner
  • what goes on underneath a car bonnet
  • how to put together a killer resume
  • how to manage your presence on social media.
  • we give you tips on how not to spend all your money each month
  • …and so much more!

Students will also be involved in our community outreach projects, including helping with:

  • a soup kitchen
  • renovating and painting schools
  • assisting with community surveys and;
  • helping with a community recycling program for children

We are a grassroots volunteer organization in South Africa, committed to ensuring that our participants are taken care of and safe at all times.

Please contact us for more information on how you can be part of our High School Abroad Program in South Africa!

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