Dayne Davey

Our Food Security Project is aimed at providing locals with the assistance and education that they need in order to be able to grow food for themselves and their families.

The current focus of this project is to assist community members in building eco-friendly greenhouses. There has been a constant battle with developing vegetable gardens that are exposed to local animals in the informal areas of our Knysna Community. There is also an on-going problem that 2 L plastic bottles block drainpipes causing many houses and streets to flood. In order to tackle these issues we began constructing greenhouses using a wooden frame (making use of alien wood wherever possible) and rows of 2 litre plastic bottles (collected via our Recycling Swop Shop and through local competitions).

We have begun by creating greenhouses at local schools, both to assist the schools in providing food for their students and also to serve as prototypes for the wider community. Our long term goal is to assist individuals in creating their own greenhouses and to develop opportunities for food exchange and business empowerment opportunities.

We also run our “Ipana Banye” (“sharing together”) project once a week, where we prepare and distribute nutritious soup. Each week we rotate around different areas of our local community to try to reach as many people as possible.

Your Role

  • Assisting with the building of eco-friendly greenhouses
  • Planting and maintaining vegetable gardens in conjunction with the local community.
  • Assisting with nutrition workshops and implementing a vegetable exchange scheme in the local community

Latest Achievements

  • 5 greenhouses built to date
  • 215 volunteer hours contributed in 2015
  • New designs for greenhouse shelving developed

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • Wood for frame of greenhouses
  • Vegetable seeds

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