Dayne Davey

These workshops are aimed at local children aged 12-18 years old and play an important role in the fight against the HIV epidemic.

In Sub-Saharan Africa nearly 1 in 20 adults are living with HIV and this region accounts for 71% of the people living with HIV Worldwide. Around 29.5% of South Africa’s population is infected with HIV.

Through our years of experience of working with children in Knysna’s township areas it has become increasingly apparent that although many of the children have heard about HIV/AIDS, their understanding is very minimal.

Our fun and interactive workshops cover all aspects of HIV/AIDS & TB:

  • How HIV/AIDS works and the facts about transmission
  • The link between HIV/AIDS & TB
  • Prevention
  • HIV testing and treatment
  • Effects of prejudice

In order to assess the effectiveness of our workshops, participating children complete a short quiz before they begin the workshops and the same quiz after they have finished the workshops.

This community volunteer project is part of our: Community Volunteer Projects & Health Awareness

Your Role

  • Running workshops and facilitating discussions involved in workshops
  • Further development of workshops
  • Assisting with food preparation for children attending

Latest Achievements

  • 72 children reached in 2015
  • Average increase of 10% between first test and second test
  • 16% of children scored over 90% on second test

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • Soccer balls for workshop activities

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