Dayne Davey

You will be working in the Analapatsy village and surrounding areas helping to build healthier communities.

There is not much education around health care such as nutrition and minor wound care; and through our on-going workshops and the establishment of vegetable gardens we aim to address these issues.

This project is part of our Rural Medical Outreach Program.

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Your Role

  • Planting and maintaining vegetable gardens in conjunction with the local community.
  • Assisting with nutrition workshops and implementing a vegetable
    exchange scheme in the local community
  • Assisting with healthcare workshops about basic hygiene, pre and post
    natal care, wound care etc.
  • Further development of the project

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • Seeds for vegetable gardens
  • Gardening tools
  • People from a medical/health background to assist with further development of workshops

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