Dayne Davey

Madagascar has one of the most diverse species records in the world, with new species being discovered continuously and through this volunteer project you will help us to build species lists and distribution maps for forest dwelling species.

The villages surrounding the forest have reported a number of species in the reserve but there is no available comprehensive species list. With the development of the hotel in the area there needs to be a comprehensive management plan in place to ensure that the impact on natural environments is minimal. In the face of the new hotel the impact of tourism to the forest needs to be monitored. It is therefore important to determine a baseline including details of umbrella species and overall biodiversity.

We propose to monitor the distribution of species, population sizes and densities over time and assist with implementing management plans to work with the local residents and hotel to ensure minimal impact to the present species.

This project is part of our Lemur Research & Biodiversity Monitoring Program.

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Your Role

  • Identifying, photographing and listing invertebrate, amphibian, reptile and mammal species during transect work in the forest
  • Recording GPS points and Mapping species as you find them.
  • Assisting with on-going data collection and research
  • Data Entry

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • People with a conservation background to assist with research development
  • Sampling equipment: camera traps, sherman traps, bat detector

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