Dayne Davey

You will assist us to protect and restore the beautiful natural habitats of the Garden Route, including endangered wetland areas, coastal areas and lush indigenous forests.

Restoration projects include removing alien invasive plants which out-compete natural plants and exhaust all important water sources; and clearing litter which takes away from the natural beauty of the area and injures animals.

This is a highly rewarding volunteer project to be involved in, where you can clearly see the fruits of your labour!

Your Role

  • Planting indigenous species
  • Removal of alien invasive plants and trees
  • Clearing of litter

Latest Achievements

  • Restoration of a local wetland area
  • Supporting the Rastafarian community with removal of alien invasive plants

Current Project Needs

  • Volunteer manpower
  • A hand-held GPS
  • Tools for removing alien invasive plants

April 11, 2016

Environmental Restoration

April 11, 2016
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Elephant Experience

April 11, 2016

School Enrichment

April 11, 2016

Pre-School Teaching Assistance