The aim of our greenhouses is to provide locals with the means to be able to grow food for themselves and other community members.  In the informal areas there is often an issue with establishing vegetable gardens that are exposed to local animals, and greenhouses (as well as providing optimal growing conditions) are an excellent solution to this issue.
Furthermore, these are no ordinary greenhouses! Our greenhouses are constructed using a wooden frame filled with rows of 2 litre plastic bottles – an excellent use for bottles that would normally litter the streets and block drainpipes.


Our largest Pop-Bottle Greenhouse Yet!

We have previously constructed greenhouses at a youth Centre, a Pre-Primary School and High School; but our latest greenhouse at Hornlee Primary School is definitely the largest to date using more than 2000 plastic bottles!!  This greenhouse was built by volunteers visiting from the University of Chester in the UK (as part of an annual group that we host) and volunteers from Germany.  The greenhouse will be used to provide vegetables to feed students attending the school, as well as serving as a prototype for individuals in the area who are passionate about growing their own food!

Plans for our next greenhouse have already been set in motion at another Primary School.

You can get involved with this, and other community empowerment projects by joining our Community Outreach Programme.

June 4, 2015
volunteer plastic greenhouse

Volunteers Build Biggest Community Greenhouse Yet

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