Africa is everywhere. She is in everything we see. All we need to do is open our eyes. For the simple act of giving your time back to her will help you unlock the doors to your soul.

Your adventure starts with a mini road trip through the town of Knysna. Taking in all it has to offer and the spectacular views hidden in its depths. A little fun in the sun never hurt anybody and as you can see, it invites you in, welcoming you to the beautiful land of South Africa.

Your next mission is waking before the crack of dawn to welcome the new day and the first of many African Elephant experiences to come. The excitement and adrenaline racing through your body like cars on a racetrack.


WE’RE HERE! Uhm… what do we do now? Grab your pitchfork and shovel because you’re off to assist with cleaning the pen of the elephants. Blocked nose? You can forget that as the deep inhalation of elephant dung through your nose will leave you breathing easy and also wondering whether you’re human or a dung beetle. Our volunteers Asha, Tammy, Chenxi and Maisie took pride in what they accomplished as they admired the fruits of their labor.

FaceTime with Ellies?! No you don’t need a WiFi connection for this but once you’ve encountered these magnificent beauties (or should we say hairless mammoths?) you will definitely have a stronger connection to the wonders of nature. After all your hard work you get to experience what a morning stroll with an elephant holding your hand feels like, and trust me… it’s something else I tell you. Still feel like you don’t know much about them? “Hakuna Matata” man…. we got your back. A few presentations on elephant anatomy and conservation and you’re good to go.

And if that’s not enough, you also get to experience working in the community at the local Swop Shop, doing tidal surveys, helping at Pledge Nature Reserve with alien vegetation removal, making new friends and embracing different cultures. This is all part of your African Journey so the only question left to ask is… What are you waiting for?

August 21, 2017

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