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June 28, 2017
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July 20, 2017

Help save the Chacma baboons!


Baboons in South Africa are in crisis. Every single day baboons are being shot, poisoned, beaten and killed. Chacma baboons in South Africa have low conservation status, which means they are not afforded any protection by law and can be killed with impunity.

Baboon Matters is the only organisation in South Africa dedicated solely to advocating for baboons! What does Baboon Matters do exactly? We stand up for baboons who are being mistreated, we train ‘baboon monitors’ to use non-aggressive methods to manage baboons in villages and on farms, we teach people how to baboon-proof their homes and educate school children and communities about living in harmony with their wild neighbours. Every single day Baboon Matters works tirelessly to make sure baboons around the country are treated humanely.

100% of the profits go to Baboon Matters.


By buying this tee you are directly contributing to saving Chacma Baboons and ensuring they are treated ethically and humanely.


For more than 25 years Baboon Matters has been at the forefront of baboon conservation  – in the face of ever-increasing urbanization and intensive agriculture, and the resulting escalation in baboon/human conflict.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that their numbers are declining – the result of their low conservation status, and a society which sees them as problematic and expendable.  Many thousands are killed around the country each year under cruel and inhumane conditions.

Will you help us create awareness for their plight and put your  #HandsUp4baboons?

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