Choosing Africa

If you are thinking of volunteering anywhere in Africa, you have made the right choice! Africa is exceptionally beautiful and colorful.

The people will change your life and inspire you and you should get as much out of the experience as you give.

Africa covers 6% of the world’s total surface area and has the second highest population, the first being Asia. It is considered to be the origin of Homo Sapiens and is the only continent to cover the northern temperate and southern temperate zones.

The terrain varies from expansive desert to lush tropical forest. Just like the environment, the culture is equally diverse.


Countries in Africa


There are 56 countries in Africa, in which many different religions and traditional beliefs are represented. It is really difficult to describe what to expect in Africa as a whole due to the diversity of cultures, environments and terrains.


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Is it Safe?

EDGE of AFRICA has strict Risk Assessments, Emergency Action Procedures and insurance policies in place, because we consider your safety a primary concern.

Most areas are very safe and people extremely friendly. However, there is a lot of poverty around and people are sometimes starving and opportunistic.

You will be safe if you are responsible for your self, if you listen to instructions and don’t go off alone without telling someone where you are going.

It is also important to remember that your health is at risk in a variety of ways and looking after your well being is just as important.

Read the information that we provide and visit a travel clinic to get up to date health information and immunizations before you depart.



EDGE of AFRICA offers 24/7 emergency support! We take safety seriously and are always at hand to deal with any issues that may arise!


Will I see wildlife?

Yes! We have some of the most incredible animals that exist on this planet. However, don’t expect to see lions in the town or giraffes walking down the road. Most animals are in reserves or national parks. You will have the opportunity to get hands on wildlife experiences in rehabilitation centres on most of the excursions available and on some of our wildlife projects.

In South Africa, you will have the opportunity to see Africa’s infamous Big 5. If you look closer, you will also discover an entire world of diversity — differing from region to region and habitat to habitat.

In Knysna, South Africa, you may be lucky enough to see the very endangered Knysna Seahorse, whales and dolphins.

There are thousands of fascinating wildlife species and Africa really does offer you an incomparable opportunity to see them all!

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