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The experience of coming to Knysna and staying in the house with such amazing people was something I’ll never forget, everyone were such laughs and I enjoyed every minute. In terms of my work experience, that was also amazing and everyone was very helpful and accommodating :)

~Ellie White, U.K., Criminology Work Experience.


This experience has been absolutely amazing! I’ve met so many wonderful people and taken part in some truly life-changing and unforgettable activities. Knysna is a very pretty and friendly area, too. All the Edge of Africa staff, especially Jason and Thabs, were very friendly and made this whole trip even more enjoyable. The best project was working with the elephants. I feel like I’ve learnt so much while I’ve been out here and I fully intend to come back here one day in the future!

~Maisie Geobey, U.K., Practical Conservation & Elephant Experience


I really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it to others. I really have felt welcomed and all the Edge of Africa staff members tried to make the best of my stay. I am very happy and glad to have been given the chance to gain so many experiences and that I’ve stayed here for a whole month – it made me feel like I’m not just a tourist and I really was able to get a proper insight.

~Julia Lammerding, Germany, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment.

Kayleigh Shepherd

Working with the elephants and building relationships with the children was amazing! One particular project I got a personal reward was TB screening. Knowing that what we did could have potentially benefited someones life, is so amazing! Also, my great-grandad passed away from TB so I had a personal attachment to this and I found this greatly rewarding and proud of myself.

~Kayleigh Shepherd, U.K., Practical Conservation & Elephant Experience.

Nicole Rafferty

Loved every minute of it. Very friendly and happy surroundings at all times. Coordinators and projects were brilliant. We were always provided with correct material to prep with and if we didn’t have something necessary actions were taken for provision. I had an amazing experience and would do it all over again.

~Nicole Rafferty, U.K., Sports Coaching & Community Outreach.

Holly Richards

Very eye opening, and it taught me that I should always appreciate what I have. Everyone I met was lovely, helpful and welcoming. I would definitely return to Edge of Africa in the future as a volunteer, as I know that each and every person is passionate about what they do, and always strive to help people in the community.

~Holly Richards, UK, Events Management Work Experience.

Victoria Goodwin

My experience was such an enriching one. I loved every moment, and the staff are who made it extra amazing with the support and team work. It’s always nerve-racking to put yourself out of your comfort zone, but I was welcomed with open arms which helped so much.

~Victoria Goodwin, Canada, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment.

Colin Mao

It’s my first time to go abroad, it was really a nice trip and unforgettable experience. I did a lot of meaningful things and I was exposed to many new things. It’s a beautiful trip but more interesting than just travelling.

~Colin Mao, China, Dolphin & Whale Experience and Coastal Conservation.

Natasha Renwick

Africa was the most amazing experience of my life.  I got opportunities most people would never get, like Shark cage diving, camping in the wild, safaris and many more! I met some amazing friends and don’t think I could have had a better African family! Volunteering and helping children was so rewarding and the children are amazing!

~Natasha Renwick, UK, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment.

We accept volunteers of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference to our program and our mission is to provide you with a life-changing and fulfilling experience in return.

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Liam Stobart UK

The highlight of my stay has been seeing the progress that has been made in the various projects I have been involved with since I have been here

~Liam Stobart, UK, Community Outreach & HIV Awareness

Katie Chorley

I think at the Pre-Schools they appreciate the help so much and I really felt that we made a difference!

~Katie Chorley, UK, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment

Ilona Jamieson UK

I know I made a difference to people and that was so important to me – but I also learned so much from those I had come to help.  Unforgettable!!

~ Ilona Jamieson, UK, Community Outreach & HIV Awareness

Fransika Jablonowski

I had a very good feeling about coming to Knysna as every little question was answered very well and very fast! The house is nice, the co-ordinators are perfect and I could see so many things! You made so many things possible for us! Thank you!

~Franziska Jablonowski, Germany, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment

Mike Heini

The highlights of my stay have been all the new experiences of how people live and get educated in the townships; getting close to and getting to know more about elephants; and seeing how a great idea like the Recycling Swop Shop can make an impact on a community.

~Mike Heini, Switzerland, Practical Conservation & Elephant Experience

Azar Saniee USA

My experience was unforgettable!  I adored the children and each one of them has a place in my heart.  Their sincerity and trust have made a better person out of me.

~Azar Saniee, USA, Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment

Johanna Guth

Before I arrived I knew I wanted to see the landscape, get to know the people and learn about the culture; but somehow I wasn’t really sure what it would be like. I really think that my expectations were fulfilled in every aspect!  The people were all really friendly, the landscape was breathtaking and the projects were so interesting!

~Johanna Guth, Germany, Community Outreach & HIV Awareness 

Hannah Kingsley

Some of the highlights for me have been meeting everyone because people are so friendly and keen to talk to us, especially the kids; and also meeting the elephants and working at the Recycling Swop Shop – it’s such fun talking to everyone and helping them spend their points!

~Hannah Kingsley, UK, Practical Conservation & Elephant Experience

Lynne Menke

Some of my highlights were TB Screening – helping people realise they may have TB and then directing them on how they can get help; doing a talk on personal safety with the girls group; hanging out at the craft market and having cocktails; and the great excursions!

~Lynne Menke, US, Community Outreach & HIV Awareness

Stacey Davidson

I found it fascinating to learn about the health challenges in Madagascar and I feel I gained invaluable experience to bring back to my 3rd year of nursing.

~Stacey Davidson, Canada, Rural Medical Outreach

Fionne Marshall

I would definitely give this marine programme 10/10! It was amazing to see these beautiful animals and contribute to important research

~Fionne M, UK, Dolphin & Whale Experience and Coastal Conservation.

Kathryn Quinn

One of the best moments for me was doing the river clean-up because when we arrived, two little ones came right over and immediately started helping us.  They didn’t have to be asked and one by one more kids started showing up.

~Kat Quinn, US, Practical Conservation & Elephant Experience

Olli Emptage

My experience exceeded my expectations! There was a great family atmosphere and real group cohesion! I have grown as a person and I feel I’ve seen a positive difference in the projects I’ve worked on.

~ Oliver Emptage, UK, Sports Coaching & Community Outreach

Charlotte Costello

I enjoyed being part of the HIV Awareness Workshops as I think it is one of the most important projects with HIV affecting so many people in SA! It was amazing to be a part of educating people about this disease.

~ Charlotte Costello, UK, Community Outreach & HIV Awareness

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