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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation  - Waste is a Resource As part of our Corporate Social responsibility programs, our Director, Dayne Davey was recently invited to the [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs & Consulting Service As a business, your choice to undertake Corporate Social Responsibility programs shows your customers that you are willing to [...]

Gap Year Programs

Gap Year Planning With EDGE of AFRICA. We understand that choosing to go on a Gap Year can be overwhelming. We are passionate about Africa and [...]

Volunteer Abroad Discount Offer

Join our life-changing Community Outreach or Teaching in South Africa programs & PAY FOR 3, STAY FOR 4 Weeks!  Our community volunteer programs in South Africa are [...]

Memories of my Volunteer Experience in Africa

We know that when you are thinking of embarking on a Volunteer Experience in Africa you of course have lots of questions on your mind...and what [...]

Gap Year Volunteering in Africa: Hear from a Past Volunteer

Whether you're thinking of a Gap Year Volunteering experience; volunteering on your summer break from university; or taking a career break; you probably have many questions [...]

Gap Year in South Africa: Expectations vs Reality

Taking a gap year is becoming more and more of a popular choice for young adults wanting to find their place in the world and enjoy [...]

How to save money for your volunteer trip abroad

We all dream of visiting far away lands and having our own taste of adventure. Volunteering abroad is a great way to give back to the [...]

Travel Voucher for volunteer programs in Africa

How to purchase a Gift Voucher Now you can give the gift of meaningful travel by purchasing a travel voucher in three easy steps: 1. Fill [...]

Choosing the Right Volunteer Program: An Explainer Video

Choosing the right volunteer program can be challenging, but it is so important both for you and for your host! Volunteering is an experience that can [...]

Summer 2019 Volunteer Abroad Programs

Spend your summer 2019 doing something meaningful and volunteer abroad. By joining a 2019 summer volunteer abroad programs, you have the opportunity to experience Africa and [...]

Recycling Swop Shop, South Africa- a volunteer powered program for kids!

Our Recycling Swop Shop Knysna is is a great example of how our community volunteer projects help to empower local people. It is also an example of [...]

Event Management Internship Students run another successful event!

Take a look at this amazing community event organised by Events Management students from the University of Chester! EDGE of AFRICA has over 10 years of experience [...]

Win a FREE Volunteer Experience in South Africa!

Win a FREE Volunteer Experience in South Africa! Win a free volunteer experience in South Africa! All you have to do is: Like our Facebook page  Contact [...]

My time with EDGE of AFRICA: a volunteer blog by Jake

My name is Jake; I arrived in Knysna on September 10th 2017 where I was greeted by wonderful people and fantastic scenery. As I type this it [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Volunteer Abroad

Reasons to volunteer abroad: Should I do it? Shouldn't I do it? What's the point of going? These are but only a few questions you'll end [...]


We are extremely excited to announce that we will be going LIVE very soon. Catch us LIVE on Facebook where we will be giving you a [...]

Conservation Volunteer South Africa: Sounds of the Trumpet

When you join our Garden Route Conservation Volunteer Experience, your adventure starts with a mini road trip through the town of Knysna. Taking in all it [...]

67 Minutes for Mandela and Beyond

What is this 67 minutes for Mandela and what does it have to do with Nelson Mandela and why is there a Nelson Mandela Day? What [...]

Top 7 things to do in Cape Town

Before or After your time volunteering with us in Knysna, South Africa, why not hop on a bus or plane and travel to Cape Town? It’s [...]

7 Reasons why you should travel alone

Travelling with a friend can be a lot fun, and to travel to all the way to Africa alone can be very daunting. However, it can […]

Knysna Fire 2017 Update

Knysna Fire June 2017 Press Release - EDGE of AFRICA As many of you may have heard, Knysna in South Africa - the hometown of EDGE [...]

EDGE of AFRICA Project Report 2015/2016

EDGE of AFRICA has always aimed to provide volunteers with unforgettable experiences that make a real difference to the people and natural environment in Africa. We [...]

Responsible Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Tips on how to choose a responsible Wildlife Volunteering Project or animal volunteering holiday. Visiting volunteer wildlife projects, such as wildlife reserves and sanctuaries can be [...]

New Technologies Helping Africa’s Wildlife – a blog by Leigh Marcos

Conservationists across the world, but especially in Africa, are taking advantage of new, growing technologies to better their ability to conserve wildlife. For decades, after countries [...]

Our War on Plastic: a silent killer

Plastic is EVERYWHERE Plastic is everywhere. Chances are you will deal with it daily, in most aspects of your lives. Plastic makes up most of our [...]

My Volunteering Video Blog by Sophie

Watch this volunteer video blog by Sophie about her time with EDGE of AFRICA Here is a volunteer video blog by one of our student volunteers. [...]

Volunteer Experience Video Blog from Gwen

Watch this volunteer experience video blog by Gwen This volunteer experience video will give you a good idea of what your time would be like if [...]

Volunteer Experience South Africa: Video Blog by Hannah

Volunteer experience South Africa: a volunteers video diary By joining our volunteer projects in South Africa, you will have some amazing experiences- just have a look [...]

EDGE on Talent 2016!

Thanks to our long standing partnership with the University of Chester in the U.K., for the past 5 weeks we have had the great pleasure of hosting [...]

Real info on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis[TB] is a disease that is spread through the air from a person with an active and is particularly dangerous for those co-infected with HIV. In [...]

5 reasons why you are never too old to volunteer!

Are you thinking of volunteering, but worried that age may be constraint? Here are 5 reasons why we think you are never too old to volunteer: [...]

A day in the life of a Pre-School Volunteer

Take a look at how your day is spent as a Pre-school teaching volunteer with the little ones when you join our volunteer project in South Africa! [...]

Happy World Wetlands Day!

Today is World Wetlands Day and so we would like to tell you a little about these amazing ecosystems! What is a wetland? A wetland is [...]

4 things to consider before choosing a Volunteer Project

If you are considering joining a volunteer program then the likelihood is that you are the kind of person who wants to make a positive contribution, [...]

Top Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Team Building Volunteer ProgramTeam Building Volunteer Program Our Team Building Volunteer Experience in South Africa is an ideal way to get your team working together for [...]

The importance of TB screening in South Africa

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is an infectious disease that ravages lung tissue and can spread in many more organs. This disease is affecting over nine [...]

Great Fundraising Ideas for your Volunteer Trip

Fundraising for volunteer experiences: We want to make your volunteer trip as care free as possible. We understand that volunteering abroad can be expensive, especially if [...]

How volunteering with Edge of Africa made me the person I am today – by Zahrah Dad

5 years have now passed since I first made the journey to Knysna, South Africa for a four week medical and community project with Edge of […]

The Whales have arrived…and so has our new Marine Conservation Volunteer Project

Edge of Africa has launched an exciting marine conservation volunteer project! The part of the South African coastline that we are lucky enough to call home is [...]

A fresh look at economic empowerment

EDGE OF AFRICA volunteers have helped us launch an exciting new Community Time Exchange Project- we think that they have done an incredible job giving locals […]

Hear from a Volunteer Co-ordinator

We asked our most recent Volunteer Coordinator, Phoebe M. To write about her experience working with us: I came to work at Edge of Africa with […]

Empower A Child – Help without handouts

EDGE of AFRICA’s community volunteers are responsible for running a number of projects that empower disadvantaged locals in South Africa. One of our approaches to our projects […]

32 Africa Travel Tips- A must read!

Africa is, as we all know, a continent with a huge variety of landscape, climate and culture! It is exciting, addictive and awe-inspiring. When you have […]

My volunteering experience: an honest account

We asked Petra, one of our recent volunteers to write honestly about her experience on our South Africa volunteer Projects. This is what she said: After [...]

Volunteers Build Biggest Community Greenhouse Yet

The aim of our greenhouses is to provide locals with the means to be able to grow food for themselves and other community members.  In the [...]

Exciting New Elephant Behavioral Research

EDGE of AFRICA has been conducting behavioral research at the Elephant Sanctuary in the Crags, South Africa since 2011. With the assistance of our conservation volunteers […]

Edge of Africa wins at 2013 Lilizela Awards

EDGE of AFRICA wins at the 2013 South African Lilizela Awards ‘Lilizela’ is a way of celebrating and praising. It is a term referring to the […]

Choosing the right volunteer program?

Choosing the right volunteer program Volunteering is an experience that can enjoyable for people from all walks of life, but everyone is different – we all […]

Volunteer organisations in Africa provide many volunteer experiences that are gratifying. Choose an ethical volunteer project so that you know you are volunteering for responsible volunteer organisations. We have a list of do’s and don’ts when choosing a volunteer program. If you are looking for an animal volunteer program or a volunteering program with children, make sure you choose responsibly! Our volunteering news offers advice for you before you book your responsible volunteer program so you know you are making the ethical choice!