Jo Kotze

As a Coastal Restoration Volunteer you will be assisting us to clean up our local beaches. Unfortunately plastic pollution is a human-induced problem the world over. Mozambique is no different. We’re on the edge of the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch which spans approximately 5
million kilometres squared and is made up of a huge range of trash, from sludge, to plastics, to glass. One of the most efficient and easiest way to remove trash from the ocean is through beach cleans.

We’ve committed to doing at least 2 beach cleans a week and weighing and logging what we collect to work out if it is international or local trash and what we can do to reduce this pollution.

This beach cleaning volunteer project is part of our: Marine Research & Diving Experience

August 8, 2018
Mozambique beach

Beach Cleaning & Ocean Trash Research

August 8, 2018
Teach Marine Conservation

Teach Marine Conservation

August 8, 2018
Travel to Guinjata Bay


August 2, 2018
volunteer marine research

Marine Mammal Research in Mozambique