Adulting 101 Course: South Africa

You are nearly done with school, soon you will be out on your own in the big wide world. Are you prepared to Adult? We have put together a fun 3-day Adulting 101 course covering a variety of topics that will help you find your way!

Learn how to fake your way through a 3 course dinner or what goes on underneath a car bonnet. Put together a killer resume and manage your presence on social media. Also – we give you tips on how not to spend all your money each month as well as choosing the right room mate…and so much more!

You can join this course for 3 days in Knysna, South Africa or you can choose to stay for 2 weeks and combine it with a Community Volunteer Program – the world is your oyster!

adulting 101
July 24, 2018
adulting 101

Adulting 101: A Course For School Leavers