By joining our Events Management Work Experience project you will have the valuable experience of planning and running your own event (or events) from start to finish!

You will be responsible for planning all the logistics of the event, including securing necessary sponsorship, marketing the event, completing risk assessments and managing any team members …but rest assured, we will be there to support you every step of the way!

Past events have included sports tournaments, talent competitions and
community awareness events. Events organised through this project must always be in line with EDGE of AFRICA’s ethos and must benefit the community and/or assist in promoting EDGE of AFRICA’s various projects.

Not only will this project provide you with a fantastic opportunity to fine tune your skills, but you will also have the fulfilling experience of immersing yourself in our local culture!

Please note the aim of this program is for you to gain valuable experience by planning your own events (you will not be working alongside a professional events planner, although you will always have the support of the EDGE Team!)

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