Take a look at how your day is spent as a Pre-school teaching volunteer with the little ones when you join our volunteer project in South Africa!

Start the day off with some songs

Practise our literacy skills

Have a little snack

Do some creative activities

Practise our maths skills

teaching volunteer

Read a story book

Play some fun games outside

Say thank you to the volunteers for the day

Have a well earned nap!

As a volunteer for our Preschool Teaching & School Enrichment program, you will be spending the morning in our township preschool assisting the teachers. After coming back to the volunteer house for lunch, you will return to project work.

Your afternoon will be spent enriching a school. This could include renovating a playground, building desks, painting, building fences etc. Don’t worry, you will always have a coordinator with you who knows how to do the job properly!

This is an incredibly rewarding program and we have been told that the kids that go through our programs are the most prepared for intake at primary school.

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