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December 5, 2019
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January 27, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation  – Waste is a Resource

As part of our Corporate Social responsibility programs, our Director, Dayne Davey was recently invited to the talk at the Debmarine (DeBeers Namibia) Long Term Service Awards in Namibia. The evening’s them was environmental protection and responsible environmental choices and celebrated the long term dedication of employees in the industry.

Debmarine are making responsible changes and encouraging their employees to be active custodians of the planet. It was an honor to introduce some new concepts to the company and these were well received.

She spoke about a project that was in line with their ethos – our Recycling Swop Shop, Eco-Brick Project and Food Security Program. All of these are using waste as a resource in order to empower communities.

Find out more about our employee workshops, book a talk or implement a full CSR plan with our help.

As part of our CSR services to companies, we create sustainable projects that compliment the ethos and reduce the impact of small, medium and large organisations.

If you are considering taking your company to the next level by contributing to your local environment and community, we can help you! With over a decade of experience and passion in establishing meaning projects in Africa, we are well positioned to help you  make a real difference through your CSR program.

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