Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Consultancy & Sustainability Services

At EDGE of AFRICA, we have have extensive experience in setting up partnerships and projects that make a meaningful difference in the community and environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy Service will assist with bringing your company’s core CSR values to the public eye through effective and sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues.

We offer a range of Social & Environmental Responsibility Packages and consulting services. Whether you already have an existing CSR program or your are starting out, we have options to suit every budget.



If you are passionate about your local environment and community,  we offer a service starting from R500 per month. Join our membership program and know you are contributing to ethical community empowerment and environmental restoration. As a new member we will give your business a short assessment on how you can operate more sustainable practises, and as long as you are a member you will receive a monthly review on small things that your business can do to make a positive change. 

Assessment & Project Set-Up

With years of experience in sustainable operations both within businesses and as a relief for poverty, we are passionate for providing businesses with alternatives to harmful processes and operations. We consider your role played in the local economy and challenges faced by the surrounding community, environment and stakeholders. With this information we are able to implement a framework to create or update relevant company policies, put into action sustainable systems that not only do no harm but actually contribute positively.

Team Training & Volunteering

We offer training sessions to encourage responsible choices within your company and opportunities for your team to actively contribute to empowering projects. Services include: training your team on topics such as innovative options for waste management, reducing plastic pollution, using CSR as a flag for marketing and the buy in for your clients. We also provide training for volunteering ethically and how to monitor and report on humanitarian and environmental projects to ensure you are meeting your companies aims and objectives. If your team would like to join a residential volunteer program with us in Knysna. South Africa, we are able to create a bespoke package to meet your outcome requirements. For shorter experiences, we offer coordination services for volunteering days in your area, ensuring all project research, training and record keeping is of the highest standard.  

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