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April 28, 2015
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April 28, 2015

Edge of Africa wins at 2013 Lilizela Awards

EDGE of AFRICA wins at the 2013 South African Lilizela Awards

‘Lilizela’ is a way of celebrating and praising. It is a term referring to the euphoric custom of ululating, used when someone has done well

The Lilizela Tourism Awards honour and celebrate those who make a remarkable impact on tourism in South Africa

The Lilizela Tourism Awards were launched at INDABA 2013 by the South African National Minister of Tourism, Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk. They are South Africa’s premier travel and tourism awards. They recognize, celebrate and praise the excellent work of an industry that’s created – and that sustains – fantastic tourist arrivals growth to South Africa.
EDGE of AFRICA was awarded an Imvelo Award for Sustainable Development

This award recognizes Responsible Tourism, and was initiated to coincide with the World Summit on Sustainable Development that was held in South Africa in 2002.

They recognize tourism and hospitality businesses that make a real, measurable and sustained contribution to Responsible Tourism.

The awards are in line with the National Minimum Standard for Responsible Tourism, the Responsible Tourism guidelines for the South African hospitality industry and the UN World Tourism Organisation’s code of ethics. Imvelo is supported by the Heritage Environmental Rating Program. Imvelo is supported by the Heritage Environmental Rating Program.

The Team at EDGE of AFRICA is very proud to be awarded with such a prestigious award recognizing our hard work to create sustainable volunteer projects in Africa. We could not have achieved this without the hard work and dedication of our team members, partners and volunteers who have contributed wholeheartedly to make our projects so successful.

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