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July 2, 2015
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July 16, 2015

Empower A Child – Help without handouts

volunteer in africa with children

EDGE of AFRICA’s community volunteers are responsible for running a number of projects that empower disadvantaged locals in South Africa. One of our approaches to our projects is to promote the idea that waste is a resource. In a community where resources are minimal and many people do not have an income and rely on social grants, family members or rare, part time jobs, it is difficult to survive from day to day.

By joining our Community Outreach Program, people from all over the world have become instrumental in changing the perceptions of underprivileged communities through demonstrating the idea that utilizing what is at hand and easily accessible can be reasonably lucrative.

The Swop Shop is a perfect example of this! This recycling exchange initiative is an extremely successful project run entirely by our amazing volunteers! It is targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 18 and run weekly. It is hard work, but incredibly rewarding!

Here is an example of what it has achieved:

  • In 2014 we have collected a staggering 19,000 kg of recycling
  • 50,3168 kgs since the start in 2010
  • 650 children are registered on the project
  • 353 hours per year of volunteer hours are dedicated to the Swop Shop
  • The child with the best attendance record in 2014 has come to the Swop Shop 31 out of 44 weeks!
  • The most recycling brought by 1 child over the course of the year was 869kg!

This video will show you how it’s done:

For more information please contact us or to get involved, send in an application form. We are also always looking for more donations of clothing, toiletries, blankets, tinned food, stationery and toys.

EDGE of AFRICA: Volunteering, done right!


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