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Marine Research Volunteer & Diving Experience, Mozambique
August 2, 2018
Travel to Guinjata Bay
August 8, 2018

Marine Mammal Research in Mozambique

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As a Marine Mammal Research Volunteer you will have the opportunity to assist with data collection while enjoying the amazing experience of being out at sea! You will be armed with a camera, binoculars and survey sheets in order to record sightings of humpback whales and any other marine life that passes through (orcas, whale sharks, manta rays).

Humpback whales typically migrate through Mozambique between June and September. Our research team in Mozambique is collecting data on these magnificent creatures, looking at surface behaviour and pod formation, never before studied in our area.

This Marine Biology volunteer project is part of our: Marine Research & Diving Experience *Please note: this project is only available on the "Research Experience" option of this program

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