Swimming lessons for local kids
August 8, 2018
Fisheries Research Volunteer
Fisheries Research Volunteering in Mozambique
August 8, 2018

School improvements in Mozambique

improve schools in africa

Volunteer to improve schools in Africa! Help us brighten up local school facilities in Mozambique by painting educational murals.
We encourage volunteers to be as creative as possible, and designs can include anything from the human body to the solar system or an underwater scene. Once the mural is completed you will then have the unforgettable experience of spending time with the local children and bringing your art to life!

In Mozambique the local Government does not have enough money to provide the standard of learning facilities the children need and that is why every year our on the ground team fundraise for money specifically to improve the school facilities in consultation with the local community.

We strongly believe in supporting the growth and development of the local community, which is why we employ local builders to complete construction work at local schools. Our volunteers then provide the finishing touches by creating their beautiful murals.

This volunteer in a school in Africa project is part of our: Marine Research & Diving Experience

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