About the Program

Put your passion for nature, environment and wildlife to good use; and become part of a team of conservationists working tirelessly to save our endangered wildlife and habitats. This is an enriching and unforgettable program for people that truly desire an up-close and personal experience in the world of conservation!

Wildlife Tracking & Monitoring

You will help us with observing and monitoring Africa’s Big 5 during Game drives on the wildlife reserve. There is no denying it is an amazing privilege to view some of Africa’s most majestic mammals…but this is more than just a touris safari; this helps us to identify individuals, gather information about family and herd structure and determine feeding habits.

You will also be involved with the monitoring of elusive nocturnal species like Aardwolf, Spotted Genet, Caracal, Leopard, Aardvark and many more, by setting up camera traps and track stations. An exciting experience where you will find out what secretive animals venture the paths of the reserve!

Rhino watch & Anti-poaching patrols

You will learn about anti-poaching patrols and assist the Anti-poaching Unit with night drives and sleep-outs in the reserve. (Please note volunteers on rhino watch assist the anti-poaching unit by providing a visual deterrent only)

During daylight hours you will contribute towards the cause by assisting with fence and road monitoring.

Habitat management projects

You will assist with a number of different habitat management and sustainability projects within the reserve, such as helping with an indigenous tree nursery; assisting with alien invasive plant control; conducting vegetation surveys; and assisting with the development of a grey-water filtration wetland.

Marine exploration & research

Rivers nearby to the wildlife reserve are monitored on a regular basis and you will be helping to provide local researchers with much needed information about species population densities, occurrence of critically endangered species, salinity levels and water temperatures.

Regular trips to the beach for exploration and learning about the coastal Eco-system and how it works will open your eyes to the diversity of life that is so close, yet often unnoticed. You will be spending time collecting data, as well as helping to reduce the amount of plastic pollution by actively removing it from the rivers and beaches in co-operation with local schools in the surrounding communities.

Community engagement

You will have the opportunity to assist with our community engagement projects which include recycling initiatives, community coastal clean-ups, conservation workshops for locals, and recreation opportunities for kids.

We believe that conservation does not stop at conserving nature alone, but also includes a responsibility to uplift our disadvantaged communities.

More information

Volunteer in the Eastern Cape

Enjoy a truly wild African experience at a private wildlife reserve in the Eastern Cape, where you will have the chance to see the famous Big 5!

The province is rich in wildlife, spectacular scenery and a wealth of historical and cultural treasures

You will have access to all necessary amenities at the reserve including running water, electricity and internet access. Most bankcards work at local banks (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) and you will have access to the Internet. You will also find that you can purchase almost anything at local shops.

  • All project costs, equipment, tools and resources
  • Transfer between Port Elizabeth airport and the reserve
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Orientation & Training
  • Accommodation at a nearby lodge
  • 3 meals a day
  • Project Related Transport
  • Dedicated coordinators to assist you daily
  • Free, unlimited Wi-Fi at the accommodation
  • Post-project involvement, and an exclusive return volunteer discount


  • Work on the frontline of wildlife conservation by helping prevent the extinction of endangered species and their habitat
  • Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the coastal wilderness and gain valuable field experience for your future career
  • Enjoy a once in a life time opportunity to view the Big 5 while assisting with important research into their populations

Join this Conservation Volunteer Program from:

GBP775per week

You can add additional weeks of volunteering for only 320 GBP per week

No matter what skills you have or level of education we need your help!

Join our ethical volunteer programs in Africa and make a real difference!