Choosing Volunteer Projects in Africa

If you are thinking of joining volunteer projects in Africa, you have made the right choice!  Volunteering with EDGE of AFRICA will change your life.

Africa is a bucket-list destination with something for everyone! There are hundreds of volunteer projects in Africa. By choosing EDGE of AFRICA as a volunteer organisation you will experience Africa’s beauty and make a real difference.

Countries in Africa


There are 56 countries in Africa, in which many different religions and traditional beliefs are represented. It is really difficult to describe what to expect in Africa as a whole due to the diversity of cultures, environments and terrains.

Will I see wildlife while on my volunteer projects in Africa?

Yes, you will! Africa is home to some incredible animals. However, don’t expect to see lions in the town or giraffes walking down the road. Most animals are in game reserves or national parks. You will have the opportunity to see our African wildlife  in ethical rehabilitation centers on some project excursions available and on some of our wildlife volunteer projects.

On our South Africa volunteer projects, you will have the opportunity to see Africa’s infamous Big 5.

We Support You

EDGE of AFRICA offers 24/7 emergency support for our volunteers! We take the safety and comfort of our volunteers seriously and are always at hand to deal with any issues that may arise!

Is volunteering in Africa Safe?

EDGE of AFRICA takes safety seriously. We continuously conduct Risk Assessments, review our Emergency Action Plans and have adequate insurance policies in place.

We will provide you with a lot of reading material when you apply to volunteer.  This includes information about the destination, health requirements and travel do’s and don’ts.