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July 24, 2018
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Bugembe, Uganda

Uganda was dubbed as the “pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill and we can see why! Uganda is home to green countrysides; beautiful lakes; exciting activities; inviting locals and a colorful culture; and of course the infamous mountain gorillas (in South-Western Uganda).

You will be volunteering in Bugembe (7 kms from Jinja Town) in the Jinja District (Eastern Uganda).  Bugembe is the capital  of the Kingdom of Busoga – one of 5 constitutional monarchies in Uganda.

Jinja sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, nestled between green forests and the banks of the river Nile.  Known as the adrenaline capital of East Africa, this region boasts variety of heart-thumping activities like white water rafting, kayaking, bungy jumping and quad biking.

Jinja isn’t only for the adrenaline junkies though! There are gentler ways to enjoy the river, like taking a boat trip from the Source of the Nile Gardens out to Samuka Island; and Bujagali Falls and the Mabira Forest are only a few kilometers away.

Volunteers in Uganda can also enjoy a variety of craft shops and art galleries, and let’s not forget the stunning Jinja market!

Challenge Level: Moderate

Bugembe’s Challenge level is Moderate – as a volunteer you will be living with a local host family in a simple but comfortable home. You will have access to running water and electricity. There are banks available which accept all major bank cards (except AMEX which may not always be excepted). However most shops and restaurants do not accept card payments so you will need to draw cash at a bank and pay with cash. You will be able to obtain a local SIM card in order to communicate with your friends and family; however to access the
internet you will need to top up your SIM card with internet bundles or use the wifi facilities available at local restaurants. 

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