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April 10, 2020
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April 11, 2020

Volunteering during Covid-19 Crisis

How to volunteer during the Covid-19 Crisis

  1. Fundraise for a cause-  A meaningful way that you can make your contribution is by fundraising for a cause you are passionate about. There are many organisations striving to continue their work during this pandemic and at a time where resources are limited, fundraising is crucial. EDGE of AFRICA is working on a Food Security Project and you can find out more here.
  2. Don’t forget about managing your plastic waste – now is the perfect time to get making ECO-BRICKS.
  3. Great at art? Why not design colouring sheets to send to your local children’s home, elderly care centre or rehab facility? It’s sure to brighten their day, not to mention art therapy has proven to help alleviate depression and anxiety. Take it one step further and create an art tutorial video so others can share in your gift …in the age of technology the world is your oyster!
  4. Are you a fitness fanatic? Help keep us fit and active by creating fun and interactive fitness videos for different age groups. Depending on where you live you could even host your own backyard social distancing fitness club!
  5. Don’t feel like you have a particular gift to share here’s one for you – maybe your gift to share is simply your time. Many of us have a lot of extra time on our hands these days, so why not use that time to help others. Help an elderly neighbor by doing their grocery shopping for them (being sure of course to follow regulations when delivering shopping) or coaching them via telephone on how to set up online shopping.
  6. If you have a profession that could assist with charity work, why not get hold of relevant organisations and offer you services for free. These could include Tech development, logistical support, counselling etc. Help a charity or organisation with administrative tasks like data entry or offer financial advice for free.
  7.  Fancy yourself to be the next Shakespeare? We all need an escape from reality! Share your stories – share them online, share them by telephone, share them by mail, share them live from your balcony Romeo and Juliet style! (Just be sure to keep it on the balcony!). Use your literacy skills to tutor children and help them with their school assignments – you could post an advert online or contact your local school for help connecting with students in need.

If you are looking for volunteers during the crisis or have other ideas on how people could use their time to volunteer, please email us on

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